A photograph showing a row of media microphones, for training purposes

One to One

With intensive half or full day courses we can work on individual training in preparation and presentation.  Perhaps you want to develop media and interview skills from scratch or update and refresh previous training.  If there’s even a chance that you may be called upon to represent your company or organisation in media interviews then you need to be ready. We can give you an insiders’ perspective on how to prepare, what to expect and how to make sure that you deliver the best results.


We offer group sessions that cover a comprehensive range of skills relating to contact with the media. Whether you engage (or might engage) with the television, radio, online or print media – we can provide practical and realistic interviews as part of the training programme.

Understanding how journalists and the media work is an important first step. We believe that provides a foundation upon which presentation and communications skills can be built. With a wealth of experience working in the media our trainers can provide an insiders’ perspective making sure you get the right and most relevant advice.

Do you need help with..

  • How to handle a press conference..?
  • How to respond to media requests and facing journalists..?
  • How to write a press release..?
  • How to deal with nerves..?
With several years of experience working for the likes of major broadcasting channels BBC News and SKY News, Mike McCarthy of Northern Star Media can help with all of these areas and many more.